2014 National Powerlifting Titles go heavy

By Jenna Morea Cruikshank | In News and Updates | on September 12, 2014
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What a comp! Thankyou to EVERYONE who got involved in this event! We saw some big weights shifted, including a super strong and very successful 295kg deadlift by VDFPA President Peter Bickers. The room went absolutely wild for a successful 190kg personal best deadlift by Chris Powell. National records were broken by Jason Cikos, Peter Bickers, Paula McPhersonHec MacLaren Lawson and Thomas Halper. Anne Stone took out both National AND World Records as did Rose Gow. We were blown away by Novice entrants Louise Wright, John Biggs and Luke Chenoweth, and experienced hand Tristan Gassman. Susan Whiter showed us just who gave wonderchild Todd Whiter his deadlifting talent, and Grant Cruikshank finally cracked a goal of 200kg deadlift in-competition. Nathan Dew was on fire in his best competition performance yet, and Max Harris putting in a massive effort. Pocket rocket Tanya Harrington wowed the audience as always, taking home the gong for Best Unequipped Female Lifter. Peter Bickers went home with the Best Unequipped Male Lifter, while Thomas Halper took home the Best Equipped Male Lifter title.The ADFPF would like to take the opportunity to thank every athlete, both local, out of town and interstate. Without you guys, we would not have a reason to put these events on. Thankyou to all the supporters who came to watch and cheer on, the wives, the kiddies, the families, the newbies. Thankyou to Damian Powell for excellent announcing skills, Rach Oxford and Debbie Cikos for keeping tally at the desk so wonderfully. Thankyou to David Bedingfield for his ever dedicated platform managing. Thankyou to Liam Michael Oneill and Colin Parksie Parkes for undoubtedly one of THE hardest tasks throughout the day, being spotting and loading. Thankyou to all referees, John ClowSandra Clow and Bob Parker, for travelling so far to ensure International Records could be broken under the highest scrutiny. Thanks goes out to Austin Morrison for his ever tireless drive and determination to get these competitions set up so they may go off seamlessly, which includes cleaning and maintenance, as well as nagging me to ensure I haven’t forgotten anything ie keeps me on my toes at all times. Thankyou to all those who helped load and unpack the equipment for transport to and from the venue – without all of you, this task would be made onerous.See you all at the Force Deadlift Challenge October 25th!!!!!

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