A History of ADFPF

A History of ADFPF, it’s affiliated States and relationship with WDFPF

1985? John Clow in partnership at Sports Strength Centre

1987 Chris Turner ( Qld ) formed QDFPA. An article in Australasian Post alerted John to it’s existence in Australia. VDFPA Inc. was formed and State Titles held. Conflicting issues surrounding drugs stifled harmony in John’s partnership and the VDFPA Inc. moved to John’s home address.

1988 ADFPF ( Australian Drug Free Powerlifting Federation ) formed and VDFPA Inc. moved to Eaglehawk YMCA building. This was a paint store in a derelict building; a ‘white elephant’ consisting of seldom used squash courts. A partnership was evolving however the YMCA would not enter into any profit sharing arrangement with other than a local organisation that included there name. Hence the Eaglehawk YMCA branch of the Victorian Drug Free Powerlifting Association Inc. was formed. The proceeds where only to be used to advance drug free powerlifting and such was the case. Rapid growth was experienced. Volunteers and donations refurbished the storeroom and in a short time an extension to the building was created with voluntary labour / donations. A pressing need for space required a major extension to the building which was created with voluntary labour, donations and materials borne by the local council. National Titles held with representatives from QLD / VIC / NSW / ACT / TAS.

1991 World Titles held at Eaglehawk with representatives from Australia (QLD / VIC / NSW / ACT / TAS.) England / France / Belgium.

1994 Federal Government investigated drugs in sport and applied pressure to sporting bodies with similar disciplines to amalgamate in order to access government financial support and drug testing facilities in Australia. Access to ASDA ( Australian Sports Drug Testing Association ) denied to drug free powerlifting on non-compliance. Such amalgamation would have required compulsory disfranchising from WDFPF whose drug testing policies mandate a component of ‘ random, targeted, out of competition testing’. Those found with performance enhancing agents face immediate life-time bans, dismissal from the association and all records struck out. WDFPF standards for testing procedures and sanctions for positive tests exceed ASDA standards. Decision was taken to support the more rigorous stance on drugs in sport and retain WDFPF affiliation in preference to local recognition with lower standards. Alternative powerlifting organisation subsequently recognised in Australia by Australian Sports Commission, denying access for Drug Free organisation to financial support and IOC endorsed testing facilities in Australia.

1996 ADFPF ( Australian Drug Free Powerlifting Federation ) folded and name buried. DPFA Pty Ltd ( Drug Free Powerlifting Australia Pty Ltd ) formed (auspiced by World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation )

2003 Drug Free Powerlifting Associations of NSW Inc. was formed

2006 World Single Lift Championships held in Bendigo, Victoria over 3 days with representatives from ( VIC / SA / NSW ) England, France, Belgium, Russia, Italy & USA

2007 South Australian Powerlifting Association amalgamated with DFPA Pty Ltd

2011 Following the retirement of DFPA Pty Ltd President John Clow, and Secretary Austin Morrison, the Association came under new management. Both gentlemen were applauded for their dedication and commitment to the sport over the many years from the very beginnings

2012 Due to upheaval in the new management, DFPA Pty Ltd was folded and the name buried. The new name Australian Drugfree Powerlifting Federation was borne and all business transferred there. A new executive was formed

Present Despite difficulties and hurdles, the ADFPF and affiliated states continue to power on. The ADFPF continues its quest to bring the sport to the frontline and remains dedicated to it’s drug free guidelines and the promotion of such. Testing is arranged through the Australian Measurement Institute, at considerable expense. No government funding is received.