The ADFPF is all about 100% drug free competition in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you are in opposition of the use of performance enhancing substances, or what to push your body to the limits of it’s very own natural performance abilities, the ADFPF is the right powerlifting federation for you.

In a time where the use of performance enhancing substances is at an all time high, the ADFPF impose rigorous drug control procedures to ensure all athletes are granted the same level of playing field to ensure healthy and fair competition.

A proud affiliate of the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation, the ADFPF stands to the attention of their demands of compliance to ensure the integrity of drug free sport.


Please be mindful that the ADFPF exists only because of the dedication of the volunteers who run it. If you believe you may have skills that may help to contribute to the federation, please contact us.